Category: Sensible drug law reform

We will continue to argue for sensible, evidence-based drug policy reform

— Treat addiction as a health issue, not a criminal issue, adopting the ‘Portuguese Model’, costings here

— Tax and regulate cannabis, taking revenue away from black market crime syndicates, costings here.

— Trial prescription hydromorphine to break the central link between addiction and offending

— Take a ‘Four Pillar’ approach to drug‑related expenditure that adds ‘treatment’ to the existing pillars of demand reduction, supply reduction and harm reduction.

— Implement all 50 recommendations of the Parliamentary Inquiry into Drug Law Reform 2018

— Legalise e-cigarettes and vaping as a recognised nicotine replacement therapy

— Expanded Medically Supervised Injecting Centres based on the success of North Richmond

— Permit people who are prescribed medicinal cannabis to drive if their driving is not impaired, as per every other prescription medication.

— Trial front-of-house pill testing in Victoria at live music events, costings here

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