Halve passenger levy and sunset it: amendments I’ll introduce

Leader of the Australian Sex Party and Victorian MP Fiona Patten will introduce amendments to the proposed Commercial Passenger Vehicle Levy this week after departmental evidence showed the Victorian government is drastically underestimating rides to justify a $2 levy. “Government calculations are based on 28.8 million taxi trips and enforcement costs of nearly 23%. Well

Uber levy could be slashed to $1

A PROPOSED $2 levy on every taxi and Uber trip in Victoria could be slashed to $1 in an eleventh hour bid to pass new laws. The le...

More risk, more deaths from new police powers

Leader of the Australian Sex Party and Victorian MP Fiona Patten has slammed the Victorian Government’s hypocrisy on festival dr...

F**k terrorists. F**k instead.

While everyone else is talking about terrorism… and talking about terrorism… this is a quick public service announcement to re...


Fiona Patten is the founder and leader of the Australian Sex Party and a Member of the Victorian Legislative Council for the Northern Metropolitan region.

She came to politics after 20 years of lobbying for the rights of organisations involved in the sexual rights movement – including small businesses, sex workers, HIV/AIDS organisations, adult media and online anti-censorship groups.

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