MEDIA RELEASE: Way forward for victims of sham ‘Melbourne Response’

Reason Leader and Member for Northern Metropolitan, Fiona Patten MP, who for decades has campaigned for the victims of child sexual abuse perpetrated by church clergy, has today congratulated the Victorian Government on adopting long held Reason Party Policy to amend the Limitation of Actions Act 1958, to allow Victorian courts to set aside past deeds of

MEDIA STATEMENT: Injecting centre has managed 1,130 overdoses

Reason Leader and Member for Northern Metropolitan Region, Fiona Patten, welcomes data reported today on the Medically Supervised ...

Seymour Telegraph: Firearms prohibition orders in spotlight

  The Legislative Council’s legal and social issues committee is examining the operation and effectiveness of firearms proh...

AFP media raids: Selling freedom for security?

Reason Leader and Member for Northern Metropolitan Region, Fiona Patten, has this morning moved a motion in the Victorian Parliam...


Fiona Patten is the founder and leader of the Reason Party, and a Member of the Victorian Legislative Council for the Northern Metropolitan region.

She came to politics after 20 years of advocating for the rights of small business owners, sexual health organisations, sexual freedoms and censorship reforms.