Fiona Patten - Leader of the Reason Party

‘Preference whisperer’ target of proposed ban on election deals

By Paul Sakkal📷: James Alcock Micro-parties may find it more difficult to have their candidates elected under laws to be introduced to Victoria’s parliament that would ban the controversial practice of preference harvesting. Reason Party MP Fiona Patten has drafted legislation to make it illegal for a person to be paid by multiple parties or candidates

New Victorian laws could make gaming ballot box illegal

Paying experts to “preference harvest” in state elections will be illegal if new Victorian legislation is passed, potentially ...

CHO, new DHHS boss to front Vic inquiry

Benita Kolovos Victoria’s Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton is set to appear before a parliamentary inquiry into the state&#...

Health officials to front parliamentary inquiry into Victoria’s COVID-19 contact tracing system

Anthony Piovesan The state’s top health officials, leading epidemiologists and tech personnel will give evidence on Victoria’s...


Fiona Patten is the founder and leader of the Reason Party, and a Member of the Victorian Legislative Council for the Northern Metropolitan region.

She came to politics after 20 years of advocating for the rights of small business owners, sexual health organisations, sexual freedoms and censorship reforms.