Fiona Patten - Leader of the Reason Party

Statement from Fiona Patten MP

– Stage 3 Restrictions Reimposed– Parliament Must Not be Delayed– Business Needs Further Support From Midnight Wednesday 8th July, Stage 3 Stay at Home Restrictions will again be applied across metro Melbourne for the next six weeks. This is on top of the looming border closure between Victoria and NSW, the suburbs already in lockdown and the even heavier restrictions that have been placed on the residents


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Patten MP to Vic Organisations Not Signed up to Redress Scheme: “Sign up now – or have your sacks of tax-free cash emptied permanently.”

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Fiona Patten is the founder and leader of the Reason Party, and a Member of the Victorian Legislative Council for the Northern Metropolitan region.

She came to politics after 20 years of advocating for the rights of small business owners, sexual health organisations, sexual freedoms and censorship reforms.