Victoria needs an Endo & Pelvic Pain Centre!


Endo is as common as asthma or diabetes – affecting one in 9 people born with a uterus.

Despite this it has been ridiculed, ignored, stigmatised and drastically underfunded.

The average diagnosis delay in Australia is 6.4-8 years

We urgently need better treatment services so people with Endo are no longer suffering in silence.  We need to stop the horror of people receiving inadequate care and Endo derailing their lives.

We NEED an Endo and pelvic pain centre.  

The centre will train up world class surgeons & nurses so patients can access the best care.  It will provide interdisciplinary and holistic care.  It will also partner with research organisations to evaluate the best treatments and training.

No-one with pelvic pain will be left behind.  The centre will cater for all those born with a uterus with any kind of pelvic pain and disease, including, PCOS, adenomyosis and persistent pelvic pain.  

Symptoms such as Irritable bowel syndrome, bladder pain & urinary tract infections (UTIs), painful sex and mental wellbeing will also be addressed with a dedicated centre.

The Victorian government is committed to changing the lives of pelvic pain warriors – we just need the Federal government to jump on too.

Minister Hunt, over to you!

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Pelvic pain warriors have been silenced for too long.  Your story is so powerful.  If you feel comfortable please share your pelvic pain story with the Health Minister.