Issues - Fiona Patten - Leader of the Reason Party



Honesty in politics

  The public deserve a political system where their representatives act with integrity and in good faith -- A focus on open and honest dialogue with the public...

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Sensible drug law reform

We will continue to argue for sensible, evidence-based drug policy reform -- Treat addiction as a health issue, not a criminal issue, adopting the ‘Portuguese Model’, costings...

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Mental health investment and early intervention

Victoria has the lowest per capita expenditure on mental health in Australia and two out of every three young people in Victoria seeking mental health services are turned away. We will advocat...

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Evidence based criminal justice responses

We will adopt evidence based ‘smart-on-crime’ approaches proven to reduce offending and reoffending. Since 2015, our prison population has soared by 20%, with 44% of prisoners reoffending...

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A plan for positive ageing

We recognise that with an ageing population, the percentage of people of workforce age will start to decline and costs in relation to aged and health care will rise. We will plan for this chan...

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Efficient public transport

We pledge to make movement around Melbourne easier, with more reliable and more frequent trains, trams and buses -- Increased public transport spending in growth areas -- Urgent...

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Priority walking and cycling

We believe in improved, interconnected and safer walking and cycling paths -- Investment in safe, direct and continuous routes separated from other forms of traffic -- A fully f...

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Outer-suburban liveability

Our interface councils (Whittlesea/Hume) are our fastest growing, yet least liveable areas in the Northern Metropolitan Region because they have been short-changed on services and infrastructu...

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Serious, achievable energy and environmental policy

We are serious about protecting and enhancing the environment and achieving energy emission targets --  Acknowledge that we are facing a climate emergency that poses an existentia...

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Bold business and innovation

We will support small business and innovation, the drivers of our future economy -- Decreased regulatory burden and taxes on small business Read more

Future focused education

We recognise that strong education today will build the capability for a strong society and economy in the future -- ‘Stem’ our slide down world rankings by renewing focus on s...

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An equal and safe society

We value and celebrate diversity and we are committed to removing discrimination from our society -- Extend racial and religious vilification laws to vilification based on sexualit...

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Improved housing and rental affordability

We back workable, economic solutions to housing affordability that take a rational approach to Melbourne’s population growth -- Permit reasonable increases to density in our inne...

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Investment in child health and childcare

We recognise that our population is growing and that a child’s first 1000 days sets their path for life. -- A strong focus on co-locating childcare with health and allied service...

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Religious transparency

We will protect genuinely charitable work while cracking-down on tax avoidance and religious secrecy -- Religious organisations should be open and transparent about their activitie...

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Vibrant, accessible arts

We actively supports the Arts -- Foster Victoria’s thriving arts community -- Ensure all primary students have access to decent music education -- Introduce a Minister for...

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Sex and Censorship

A modern, best practice approach to adult industries -- Decriminalise sex-work as the internationally recognised best practice model of sex industry regulation -- Amend our anti...

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Tackling poker machines

Poker machine losses in Victoria exceed $2.6 billion each year. These losses are directly linked to financial stress, mental health issues, anxiety, depression, reduced work performance, famil...

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Real Public Health

Improved, accessible public health for all -- Enhance access to local GPs (and facilitate bulk billing) and GP visits to schools -- Establish health hubs, with integration of he...

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Extending Out of Home Care to 21

What is out of home care?

‘Out of Home Care’ refers to the statutory care of children and young people who are unable to l...

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