Dying with Dignity

I initiated the End of Life Choices Inquiry that provided a blueprint for the Government to change their mind on Dying with Dignity. The detailed report particularly draws on international experience. We had well over 1,000 submissions to the End of Life Choices Inquiry and the majority were in favour. Many of us have seen family and friends suffering intolerably and I believe a Dying with Dignity bill will get us talking about death and care options, particularly palliative care. I believe that we should respect people enough to give them the choice to die surrounded with family and friends, in as much comfort as possible.

It is important to understand that no one is being forced to do anything. People should have choice and that’s what the legislation will do – it will give people, who want it, a choice to end their suffering but will not be forced into making the decision. Experiences from Oregon shows us that less than point-four of 1 percent will seek euthanasia, but for that tiny fraction, it will mean they can die with the dignity they choose.

Last year in December, the Andrew’s Government committed to legalise physician assisted dying. It was announced that a bill will be introduced late in 2017 and the Victorian MP’s will be granted a conscience vote on the matter.

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